A varied tempest of melodic noise with a social conscience, we're a band with friendship at the core and out there for the fun of it, bringing our brand of tuneful rabble rousing street punk to the working classes!! - Wolf Bites Boy

 A new band for me, Wolf Bites Boy, but with members whom I know and trust.

A three-piece, a loud and tight assed squadron of passionate pilots happy to crash in any old desert where their music may get heard.

Second time out this I believe, fuckin' hell, frightening the talent out there. 'Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down' was a message given early, it kind of set a scene, an attitude, a stance and this tidy crew rammed out their dinnage in numerous compact packages that blew up here and there in a sonic shower of perspired intent and well stretched consistency. The melodies were rife, the collision of pace and style ideal, the unity of the trio eye-catching and obviously beneficial to the end racket.

My daughter (16 and with 10 sonic years under her viewing belt) considered these to have flavours of one of our fave live crews, namely Airbomb. I considered and saw the slight comparison, which in truth is all complimentary - Airbomb were fuckin' great tha' knows. Anyway this was power-blinding, with the bassism posted in our gaping gob boxes with gusto'ed sincerity and hurtful disembowelling intent - sexy or what?

'Against The Grain' triggered my interest for obvious reasons and was the most sonically varied and emotively happening cutlet whilst 'I'll Be There For You' was anthemically skanked, rabidly reggaefied, worked in such a away to surely win much praise.

'Rise Again' full stopped the set, the defiance in-built wasn't missed by yours truly and I found it a fitting closure to a meaty set that will bulldoze many in its path - I am right behind ya chaps - Fungal Punk

Latest video by Wolf Bites Boy - Fighting On.

Recorded at Tremelo Studios and filmed by John Williams.

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